Mystiq Illuminating Cleanser
BIO Enzyme Cleanser
ICE Sal Cleanser
ICE Balancing Lotion
Pro C4 W/ Retinol Serum
PRO Lite Tx w/ PSC (Plant Stem Cells)
PRO Firming Serum
BIO Lift Creme w/ PSC (Plant Stem Cells)
BIO Recovery Balm
ICE Refining Mask
Mystiq Iluminating Polisher
ICE Clear Stick




Why Beautycounter?

Usually I steer clear of companies with a direct sales business model, especially skincare companies, because I feel that skincare products work best when a regimen is designed with specific concerns & conditions in mind.  When a client asked me to take a look at the products before she made the leap to start her Beautycounter business, I was a bit hesitant but agreed to keep an open mind and give her my honest opinion.

Before she brought the products in, I checked out their website and was pleasantly surprised to see that they share my own philosophy of safe, clean formulas & nontoxic ingredients.  They had a ton of great information about the dark side of the beauty industry.  Things like:  The United States has not passed a federal law to regulate the ingredients used in personal care products since 1938 and Europe has banned over 1300 cosmetic ingredients, whereas the United States has only banned 11, and many of those toxic ingredients certainly are being used in products here.

There is a long list of cosmetic ingredients that are linked to cancer, infertility, allergies, asthma and other health issues.

Beautycounter’s Ingredient selection process is the stricter in the industry.

As our primary skincare line, we use Lira Clinical for treatments and home care regimen recommendations.  We love Lira because they, too have a commitment to clean, safe & effective formulas, and we see great results with the line.

There are, however, some product categories that Lira doesn’t make and that we don’t offer in our skincare boutique, such as Shampoo & Conditioner and Makeup (beyond foundation and mascara).

We work with so many clients struggling with their skin and need clean, safe makeup, so we decided to recommend Beautycounter as an alternative to the makeup sold in most retailers.  The price is reasonable and we trust that the products won’t hinder the healing the skin needs, as so many department store brands do, because of the crappy ingredients these companies still use in their products.

If you have questions about our product offerings, please feel free to call or email anytime and we’re happy to talk about it, and offer any information we have, and seek more detailed information if needed!

If you’d like to check out some Beautycounter products, you can click the link on the left and order right here if you’re so inclined.  The nature of the business model means they're not stocked on the retail shelves of skincare boutiques, but sold directly from consultant to client.  However, we're happy to order something for you to try or sample before you buy - just let us know!

Thank you for reading!  We appreciate your time and your business!