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Afflicted with Acne?

Acne can be painful, embarrassing and persistent. Typical treatments include strong medication with considerable side effects, ineffective topical products, antibiotic use with no end in sight, hormonal alterations, painful extractions and peels, and more generally unpleasant options.

Recently, the FDA has approved the Celluma Light Therapy panel for treatment of Acne, Wrinkles & other signs of Aging and Muscle & Joint Pain.  

We are seeing incredible results in just a few short weeks of consistent use, which has inspired our new Comprehensive Acne Treatment Program that will heal even the worst acne, reduce scarring and put you on the path to a clear complexion.

No chemicals. No medication. No pain. Just lie back, turn  on the light and let the healing begin!

Our New Comprehensive Acne Treatment Program includes Customized Treatments, Home Care products and Celluma LED Light Therapy, a pain-free, chemical-free, hormone-free light therapy panel that kills the bacteria that causes acne, reduces redness & scarring and heals the skin beautifully!

INTRO OFFER - Rent the Celluma Pro Light Therapy Panel for $500 for 4 weeks!

Comprehensive Package pricing:

$1500 (best value) Includes: 

4 Treatments  (Deluxe facials with Microderm, Peels & Light Therapy - $720 value)

Complete Customized Home Care Product Package (full size retail products-$250-300 value)

4 Weeks of Device Rental - Use the Celluma Light Therapy Panel at home 

$1200 Includes:

4 Treatments (Deluxe facials with Microderm, Peels & Light Therapy - $720)

Complete Customized Home Care Product Package (full sized retail products)

12 Celluma Light Therapy sessions at Complexions On Carter Skincare 

$420 Includes: 

12 sessions of Celluma Light Therapy with Cleanse, Exfoliation + Treatment Serum

Signature Services

Signature Facial.........  $97 

60 minute deep cleansing, exfoliation, balancing movements for lower body, massage (face, neck, shoulders, décolleté, hands & arms) hydrating treatment masque


The Deluxe Complexion Facial...  $180

Experience deep, healing whole body wellness in this 90-minute deluxe treatment that includes cleansing, exfoliation, deep pore cleansing, balancing movements for lower body, massage (face, neck, shoulders, décolleté, hands & arms, foot treatment) hydrating masques, brow shaping, brow & lash tint


Complexion Correction

Microdermabrasion + Ultrasonic Infusion  $159 

Featuring DBrasion ~ a revolutionary machine with interchangeable diamond-tipped wands to remove dead skin cells without the use of messy crystals.  Deep exfoliation can leave the skin dry and in dire need of deep hydration.  DBrasion features two ultrasonic handpieces to infuse treatment serums & nourishing moisturizers.  This phase of the treatment leaves the skin fresh, supple & vibrant! 

Acne Facials 60 mins  $85

Specifically customized for problematic, acneic skin.  Cleansing, exfoliating, extractions, calming masque.

Complexion Express 30 mins  $70.00 

Focus on immediate skincare concerns.

The Chuck Norris Treatment (For Men Only) $97.00

Cleansing, Exfoliation (get rid of those flakes!), Extractions (get rid of those blackheads & bumps), Brows, Ears & Nose Hair Cleanup, Massage, Hydrating Masque

Customized Complexion Power Peels

30 mins $75.00

A series of peels offers the opportunity to gradually introduce progressive treatments for optimal results!   Available in packages of 3 or 6.

• Series of 3 Peels: $225.00

• Series of 6 Peels: $420.00

*add microdermabrasion to any facial: $32.00


Brows $30.00

Lip $15.00

Bikini $50.00

Brazilian $65.00

Full Leg $85.00

½ Leg $50.00

Back $50.00

FOR MEN: Brows, ears, nose cleanup package $50.00


Brow $30.00

Lash $30.00

Full Eye Treatment $77.00
 Includes Ageless Eye masque, brow shape and brow & lash tint